The World Sushi Skills Institute (WSSI) operates in cooperation with the All Japan Sushi Association.
It is the mission of the World Sushi Skills Institute to educate and train chefs who can capably teach The Sushi Skills Bible’s crucially important content to aspiring sushi chefs and restaurant owners around the world.


To gain a deeper understanding of Japanese cuisine, master the hygienic practices, and sushi making techniques, please come and join the WSSI team today!

Be a Sushi Master

Raise your skills to the next level by successfully completing the Kuro Obi (black belt) certification program.

Challenge yourself

Your educational process culminates every year with WSSI certified sushi chefs competing in the World Sushi Cup.

The Sushi Skills Bible

Japanese cuisine, a national treasure!

WSSI is now training even more aspiring sushi chefs and restaurant owners around the world through The Sushi Skills Bible –accessible on any mobile device and computers.

To gain a deeper understanding of Japanese cuisine and master the art of sushi making, join the WSSI team today!

Learn from the Best

The chairman of the World Sushi Skills Institute, Master Chef Masayoshi Kazato, — Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador, established a globally recognized Sushi Proficiency Certification system in 2010. Since then thousands of people from across the globe have participated in the WSSI seminars and learned the techniques to prepare world-class, safe and delicious sushi.

5 Continents, over 50 Countries, more than 140 Cities

Since 1997 WSSI has traveled to 5 continents, over 50 countries, more than 140 cities and is formally recognized by the Académie Nationale de Cuisine de France, and the Indian Federation Of Culinary Association. Please see our Timeline here.


The World Sushi Cup

The WORLD  SUSHI  CUP® organized by the World Sushi Skills Institute is an annual competition held in Tokyo Japan over three days in August to decide the world’s best overseas’ sushi chef.

All of the participants are guaranteed to return home with greater confidence and pride in their sushi making abilities after gathering in the mother land of sushi, communicating with other top chefs from around the world, and competing in front of over 35,000 spectators.

World Sushi Cup Japan 2017:
Vladimmir Pak - Gold Award
Miguel Ferreira - Silver Award
Fabio Noboru - Bronze Award
Vladimmir Pak
Miguel Bertolo
Fabio N. Catsuqui

Way up in Northern Europe, Norway is surrounded by cold waters. While this may create some challenges for people, the conditions are perfect for fish like salmon, cod, mackerel and a number of other species. The unique combination of Norway’s cold climate and crystal clear waters gives Norwegian fish its superior quality and the unmistakable taste prized by chefs and seafood connoisseurs all over the world. Once you have tasted fish from the Norwegian waters, you will never settle for anything less. Norway — the seafood nation


Yamasa Corporation

Through four centuries, YAMASA Corporation has continuously manufactured the finest quality soy sauce available to meet the tastes of our customers both then and now.

As we approach our fourth century, we pledge to maintain this tradition of product excellence and value.


Hasegawa Corporation

HASEGAWA produces and distributes mostly commercial-use kitchen wares in Japan.

Our kitchen wares are highly valued for their benefits on sanitary management among restaurants, catering services, hotels and food factories. We believe our safe and secure kitchen wares do help kitchen works all over the world!



Since the Company was established in 1919, Kewpie Corporation has continued with each passing era to develop its business based on an unwavering insistence that “good products begin with good ingredients.”

Guided by its corporate message “love around the kitchen table,” Kewpie will continue to work diligently to deliver good taste and kindness.

As the world's leading soy sauce brand, Kikkoman has been supporting the development of Japanese food culture since the 1600s.
Mizkan has been a part of sushi since the current style of sushi was created in Old Tokyo (Edo) in the early 1800s.
The technology of Okamoto is leading the way to the future in a diverse array of fields. Okamoto's mission is to accomplish the following factors, along with using power of science to build the future:
The very best, authentic green tea directly from Mie prefecture.

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