Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure to check the most frequently asked questions in case you run into any troubles using the WSSI Web App.

(01) About the WSSI Web App

→ Is the “WSSI Web App” an actual app that I need to download from the App or Play Store?

No, the WSSI Web App is not a traditional application that you download from a “Store,” It is a modern Progressive Web App that runs in a web browser – in a very similar way to a website. The WSSI Web App can be “installed” on your device by simply using your web browser to access, then creating an icon on your smartphone’s phone screen. This WSSI icon will allow you to access the WSSI Web App directly.

Please note that Web Apps are fairly new and Apple iOS (iPhones) do not fully have built-in support for them as certain features are not yet available (mainly flight-mode) but complete support will come in the next iOS upgrades according to Apple.

For instructions on how to create an icon on your home screen, please see the questions titled “How do I add the “WSSI Web App” to my iPhone/Smartphone/PC?”

How do I add the “WSSI Web App” to my iPhone or iPad?

1. Open Safari and navigate to

2. Once the site loads, tap on the share icon (square with an arrow pointing up) in the bottom menu bar.

3. An options popup modal appears, tap on “Add to Home Screen”.

4. Another popup appears asking to confirm the App details, tap on “Add”.

5. A WSSI icon will appear on your home screen. Ready!

How do I add the “WSSI Web App” to my Android smartphone?

1. Open Chrome and navigate to

2. Once the site loads, tap on the browser menu (3 dots or lines – may vary depending on your Android version), then tap on “Add to Home screen”.

3. A popup modal appears with the WSSI Web App details, tap on “Add”.

4. A WSSI icon will appear on your home screen. Ready!

How do I remove the “WSSI Web App” from my iPhone or Android Smartphone?

Very simple! On IOS (iPhone/iPad), just tap and hold the WSSI Web App icon on your home screen to select. Click on the “x” to remove the icon.

On Android, tap while dragging the WSSI Web App icon to the trash-bin or to the “X” on the top of the screen.


Is the WSSI Web App available in languages other than English?

The “WSSI Web App” is currently also available in Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Traditional Chinese. More languages will come soon.

What do I need to use the “WSSI Web App”?

You need an internet connected device such as a personal computer, tablet or smartphone, and to be running a modern web browser.

(02) About the WSSI Video Library

Can I watch the WSSI video library without an active Internet connection?

The WSSI’s Video Library has been created and is streamed to our users in the best possible HD video quality, therefore an Internet connection is necessary.

What do I need to have access to the Sushi Skill Bible video library?

A Full Membership is necessary to access The Sushi Skills Bible.

What languages is the WSSI video library available in?

Our video library’s main language is English however subtitles are available in English, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. New subtitle languages will be added based on our members’ demand.

(03) About the WSSI Memberships

Where can I check my Membership details such as expiration date?

You can verify your membership details such as your current plan, expiration date, etc. under the Members Menu – Your Member’s Details.

(04) About My Page

Can I make a link to My Page on Facebook or any other social network to promote myself or my business?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to share your My Page to promote yourself or your business anytime, anywhere! You are also able to easily download the PDF version of your My Page to be attached to emails or print it out and distribute the hard copy.

Can people other than WSSI members access the My Page section?

Yes! My Page section is public so anyone can browse through the listings.

How do I upload my personal profile to create a My Page?

Once you register for the WSSI Full Membership plan you will receive an auto reply email with instructions on how to use the Profile Uploader. Please follow the instructions and submit the information required for us create your My Page.

(05) About the Chefsbook Forum

How do I register to the Chefsbook Forum?

There is no need to register. When you become a WSSI member, you are automatically provided access to the Chefsbook forum. Please find the link to the forum in the Members menu section of the WSSI Web App.

Is the Chefsbook forum open to the public?

No, the Chefsbook forum is for members only.

(06) Contact us

How do I contact WSSI if I encounter any issues not covered on the FAQs?

Please email us directly at [email protected]