Seafood From Norway

Norway is a small country, but still the second largest seafood exporter in the world. 

Harvesting from the seas has always been an important part of Norwegian culture and history. In fact, fishing was what allowed the first Norwegians being able to settle and live along the cold, windy coastline of this northern country. For centuries, seafood has been both a basic source of food and an important commodity for Norway. This has given Norwegians unsurpassed knowledge and experience in every aspect of handling these precious treasures from the sea. Our expertise in how to harvest and use all the various species of seafood has been developed through generations, steadily perfected along the way. Today, we take great pride in our craftsmanship and knowledge of seafood.

Norwegian Salmon

Norway is a world-renowned pioneer within modern salmon farming. With generations of experience harvesting from the sea, we have unique knowledge in what it takes to manage these resources in the right way and deliver fish of the highest quality possible.


Ocean-farmed salmon from Norway is well looked after and available all year round.
Our model of sustainably managed aquaculture is widely recognized. Norwegian salmon is in the hands of deeply committed craftsmen, who take pride in their profession and have a strong focus on meeting high environmental standards. Today, Norwegian salmon is highly esteemed for its taste and texture by food experts, and enjoyed by consumers all over the world.

A gift from nature
This legendary quality is a gift from the fresh, Arctic waters, where our salmon spend their entire lives. These are perfect conditions for this fish to grow and develop. Norwegian salmon is raised over three years on a nutritional diet that supports their healthy growth, ensuring that you can enjoy the best quality fish available – every time.


Norwegian Salmon



Every day, 14 million meals of Norwegian Salmon are consumed all around the world.


Norway exports salmon to over a 100 countries worldwide.

Speed is of the essence with sushi fish. Salmon from Norway can be delivered to Japan in just 36 hours, ensuring that it’s not only safe to eat raw, but delicious too. Whether it’s stealing the show as sashimi or adding a splash of colour to sushi rice, our salmon retains its famously fresh taste and firm texture.

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