About the World Sushi Cup

The WORLD  SUSHI  CUP® organized by the World Sushi Skills Institute is an annual competition held in Tokyo Japan over three days in August to decide the world’s best overseas’ sushi chef. Regional competitions are held in countries around the world with the top 40 chefs qualifying for the finals based on their knowledge of hygienic preparation methods, and technical skills.


On the first day a formal Kuro Obi (black belt) training session is held for all of the contestants to confirm the finer points of filleting and preparing some of the fish unique to Edo-Style sushi including Akagai (Ark Shell), Anago (Conger Eel), Kohada (Japanese Shad) and Aji (Horse Mackerel), as well as making hosomaki (rolled sushi). With the clock ticking the Edo-Style sushi section of the tournament is held on the second day, when all of the contestants make traditional nigiri sushi and plate it for judging.

WSC-2017-Amrit-Chandra Lama-yosenYukta Bahadur Ghale_yosenYukta Bahadur Ghale_kesshoWSC-2017-Vladimir-Pak-yosenWSC-2017-Vladimir-Pak-kesshoWSC-2017-Vitaly-Pak-yosenWSC-2017-Vitaly-Pak-kesshoWSC-2017--Vincent-Aleria-Caballes-yosenWSC-2017-Sanjay-Raiy-yosenWSC-2017-Sanjay-Rai-kesshoWSC-2017-Sandra-Mari-Saito-yosenWSC-2017-Sandra-Mari-Saito-kesshoWSC-2017-Richard-Tomas-yosenWSC-2017-Rajesh-Kumar-Thakur-yosenWSC-2017-Rajesh-Kumar-Thakur-kesshoWSC-2017-Nitin-Bhardwaj_yosenWSC-2017-Miguel-Alexandre-Ferreira-Bertolo-yosenWSC-2017-Miguel-Alexandre-Ferreira-Bertolo-kesshoWSC-2017-Marek-Hora-yosenWSC-2017-Marek-Hora-kesshoWSC-2017-Jorge-Dionicio-yosenWSC-2017-Jorge-Dionicio-kesshoWSC-2017-Gurung-Khem-Kumer-yosenWSC-2017-Gurung-Khem-Kumer-kesshoWSC-2017-Fabio-Noboru-Catsuqui-yosenWSC-2017-Fabio-Noboru-Catsuqui-kesshoWSC-2017-Eric-Ticana-SIK-yosenWSC-2017-Engin-Onural-yosenWSC-2017-Eduardo-Yoho-Nakahara-yosenWSC-2017-Eduardo-Yoho-Nakahara-kesshoWSC-2017-Eduardo-Augusto-Neves-Dias-yosenWSC-2017-Eduardo-Augusto-Neves-Dias-kesshoWSC-2017-Doroftei-Claudiu-yosenWSC-2017-Dorjee-Rabkel-yosenWSC-2017-Desmond-Yu-Wai-Chow-yosemWSC-2017-Desmond-Yu-Wai Chow-kesshoWSC-2017-Danilo-Prado-yosenWSC-2017-Danilo Prado-kesshoWSC-2017-Ching-Yun Chuang-yosenWSC-2017-Ching Yun Chuang-kesshoWSC-2017-Changlong-Yue-kesshoWSC-2017-Changlong Yue-yosenWSC-2017-Chang-Chia-Hsiang-yosenWSC-2017-Chang-Chia-Hsiang-kesshoWSC-2017-Brent Hajime Koshu-yosenWSC-2017-Brent Hajime Koshu-kesshoWSC-2017-Artur Bartodziej-yosen

The top 20 chefs are then chosen to compete in the final day’s pressure packed creative sushi section. Here the chefs have 40 minutes to combine their best fundamental preparation techniques with their own local ingredients and inspiration to create amazingly beautiful and delicious sushi!


The champion is decided on the combined scores over two days. All of the participants are guaranteed to return home with greater confidence and pride in their sushi making abilities after gathering in the mother land of sushi, communicating with other top chefs from around the world, and competing in front of over 35,000 spectators.

“WORLD SUSHI CUP® JAPAN” is calling Sushi chefs to demonstrate their skills on the largest stage in Japan. We sincerely look forward to the participation of all active Japanese cuisine and sushi chefs from around the world!